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Christmas in Denver

This year we spent the Christmas holidays back "home" in Denver. I use quotes because we found ourselves pondering the question of where our home is. My conclusion is that home is wherever Richard and I are living together and settled in. "Home" (or hogar in Spanish) moves around with us and isn't a place so much as the spirit of family and love and daily patterns. That being said, family is in the U.S. and mostly in Denver, so it was great to get back there and to see them.

A few observations on being back in Denver..... We forgot what cold really is. Lima temperatures range from mid-50's to mid-80's. While it feels chilly in the evenings during the southern hemisphere winter, it isn't remotely cold. Denver, however, was just coming out of a very cold spell and had hit -19 degrees (Fahrenheit!) a few days before we got in. Now that is seriously cold! It did warm up a bit after we arrived but we have discovered how much of our mountain toughness we have lost.

Also, we thoroughly enjoyed the civilized American drivers who actually respect the rules of the road and don't drive like aggressive maniacs. While we love Lima we will never find the traffic anything other than irritating and rude. Trips through grocery stores and malls were also eye opening. While we are able to get most of what we want or need in the grocery and other stores here in Lima, we see nothing in the way of selection available in the U.S.

The visit was great since Colleen, my younger sister, and her family came in to town from Wisconsin to join us and my other sisters, Sharon and Noreen. All the travellers stayed at Sharon's home and she did a fine job of making it serve as a bed and breakfast (and lunch and dinner)for 10 of us.

We did get around and visit some friends and apologize that we were not able to see all of you. We hope to get in more visiting when we return to the U.S. after our post in Lima comes to an end. While plans are still uncertain, we anticipate being back in the states in September or October.

Among folks we were able to see:
Connecting again with good friends - Richard and Jude in one of Richard's former law offices:

Sharon and Colleen enjoying the family reunion:

The stockings were hung... behind Jillian with care:

Mealtime with the Skjervens - most of them anyway:

Harv and Richard doing the hard work of men over the holidays:

Christmas breakfast with the Ericksons:

Noreen in her Christmas finery:

Brian & Jillian:

Fun with Christmas presents:

Farewell to the Skjerven clan:

Something we have not been able to do for quite a long time was to go skiing. Unfortunately Richard had to get back to work so missed the fun. I, however, joined the family in a trip up to one of the local ski resorts. The cold weather had returned and we arrived to -2 degree temperature and gale force winds. Perhaps I exagerate just a little about the wind but it was truly cold! Note the attire of the intrepid skiers:

The younger generatins of Skjervens on a very, very cold day on the ski slopes:

Brian exhibiting how one should really dress for a very cold day on the ski slopes:

After a great visit home we returned to a sunny, warm Lima summer and plans for beach trips and other travels before we wrap up our time here. While it still is almost 9 months away we are starting to feel like short timers in the sense that there is still so much to see and limited time.

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