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Peru's Beach Paradise

One of our first trips after moving to Peru was to Mancora, a beach town in the very north of Peru (See "A Weekend at the Beach" entry below). It was one of our special visits so we decided to go back and visit as Peru veterans. While it is not a Caribbean white sand beach, it is pretty good by Peru standards and pretty special to us.

Since it was mostly a relaxing venture with the nature aspect of poking around tide pools I’ll share mostly pictures and limited commentary. Hey, it was just a kick back time!

We stayed again at the Casa de Playa hotel(http://www.hotelcasadeplaya.com/hotel/index2.html) on the strip just south of town. This time we came as friends of a friend of the owner and booked a suite – the room was much bigger and the view was incredible. At night we could hear the pounding of the waves and our balcony (with hammock, of course) had a perfect view of the sunset each evening. This is the kind of lifestyle to which we would love to retire one day.

The room:

The hammock and view:

Enjoying the hammock and view:

And our favorite beach shot - the sunset:

And the ace sunset photographer:

A trip to town - our favorite breakfast spot in all of Peru is Green Eggs and Ham in Mancora. This place has great eggs, coffee and the only hash browns we have found in any restaurant in Peru. I highly recommend this place should your travels ever take you to Mancora.

Some beach views:

More shots of the hotel:

One of the lounges; a favorite spot for sunset viewing:

The view from our room:

The pool:

Local wildlife:

More wildlife at one of the bars in town - yes, the hula hoop is alive and swinging in Mancora:

One of the really cool features of the beach in Mancora are the tide pools. Great wildlife and rock formations:

A shot of Tatiana, the owner, working hard at the beach (I want her job!!)

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