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Still figuring out this blog stuff....

Ah the challenges that life has provided. We have entered a new hemisphere, a city of 8-9 million people, a new language, a new profession and - on top of it all - the challenge of learning this blog stuff. I am struggling - advanced years and the benefit of having had wonderfully competent IT departments at my beck and call - have kept me from advancing to the levels now necessary to survive in this century. But, I am up to the challenge and you get to share the ride.

So, let's begin by putting in a much bigger picture: 

The picture is of the Costa Verde or "Green Coast" - so named because there is actually plant life growing on what ought to be a very strained desert area.

Well the pics are in but I clearly have to work on resolution.....   anyway,  there is a wonderful park called "Parque de Amor" (Park of Love) on the malecon ( the coastal walkway) that has lovely tilework and a great view and that is what these represent.  

More from the Parque de Amor....



These would - of course - be the lovers in the park.  PG13 or higher rating....
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