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Sun shines on Miraflores

What a glorious day it has been today - the sun is out! So - for those of you have seen the blog before, you will note that the default picture has changed. Blue skies are so much better than grey.  

We moved into the new apartment on Monday and are still settling in. That was a bit more of a teaser than is fair since I have not yet taken apartment pictures. Stay tuned. As a starter here are a few pics of the outside from our apartment...... This is the view to the sea.... 

And this is the view inland up the freeway.....  

and finally, a view from the top of the building......  

So, we have begun to settle in and have found Miraflores to be a delightful neighborhood within Lima. We have the advantage of the sea views, wonderful parks and walkways/running paths, great and abundant restaurants, and a very safe environment. As we approach the weekend this would thus be a good time to get out and enjoy - right? Well, not exactly.... This Sunday (October 21st) is Census Day in Peru. To ensure and accurate census all people in the country, except I guess the census interviewers, are required to stay indoors from 8 am to 6 pm. So we will be in "lock down" on Sunday and hoping to catch some NFL or Rockies action on the tube (we now have Cable!!!!!) and sorting out the apartment, our scattered paperwork (and there is much of that in this new government lifestyle), and perhaps sadly peering at a lovely day in which we cannot "aprovechar" (appreciate) a lovely day. They take this quite seriously and the police will accompany us to our home if we sneak out so we will be good rules followers and find a way to amuse ourselves indoors for a full weekend day. Interestingly no social/cultural/business activities are allowed on census day. No church services, no taxis, no restaurants, nada, nada, nada. Pretty effective I guess to get a good count. Ciao until tomorrow!
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