February 20th, 2012

Carnaval Miscellany

Carnaval is a season and the celebrations do not take place only in the streets and samba venues. The InC (International Newcomers Club at www.incrio.org.br ) celebrates the season as well. Each of the past two years we have had samba instructors come to one of our meetings to give us some lessons and get us into the spirit. And the ladies love it!

First, we listen to theory.....

And then we get moving!

Of course we are doing this in regular shoes while the instructor is more appropriately dressed for the occasion.

This year we doubled down. We had a Carnaval themed cafezinho (leaving plenty of confetti and streamers to be cleaned up afterwards.)

In addition we were graced by the presence of Patricia Pizzolato (021-9424-2044) and two of her protégés who did a fabulous job of taking us through a number of samba moves.

They started the lesson with slow rhythmic steps to build confidence. By the time the group was really moving the pictures were all too blurred to share. If you are looking for a good samba teacher I highly recommend Patricia (and she speaks English).

This last one is a picture I had to take of the variety of “stuff” one accumulates during the season. Masks and headbands are common attire on the streets, at the blocos, at the Sambodromo – everywhere. The Antarctica hats are very dashing and have converted Richard into a stylish hat wearing dude. The plastic Carnaval parade tickets are pure gold entry to the Sambodromo and cost about as much as gold would! The CD of the Enredos (theme songs) of the elite samba schools provides great energy and the best work out music I can imagine. And finally, the collection of camisinhas (translates as little shirts – better known as condoms), was one of the items provided to attendees at the Sambodromo. Curious but the message was clear – safe sex only for Carnaval!