March 24th, 2012

Recife - Our First Look

What an opportunity! While we had not planned to head to the north of Brazil during our last few months in Rio, our best laid plans were undone by work demands. Richard had a TDY (temporary duty assignment) for a week in Recife so we got to see, in advance, where we will be living for the next 3 years. Let’s see what we discover....

First day impressions – Arrived after 3:00 in the afternoon so it was too late to do much exploring. Just a quick trip from airport to hotel. En route I noticed that, similar to Lima, there are many, many walled houses and businesses with electric fence or cut up glass / spikes of some sort on top of the walls. Clearly there is crime here....

The beach, however, is just lovely. Boa Viagem, where we will leave and where our hotel was located, is a neighborhood on the Atlantic Ocean that runs for about 8km. The beach is different than Rio in that there is a lot more plant life, a narrower beach and reefs (recifes) right off the coast. Take a look – it is just lovely:

Similar to Rio’s beaches there are plenty of high rise residences built along the coast to provide the great views that we all love.

Not sure yet where we will live but we will have to cautious in any case. Recife has a shark population and all beach visitors are warned. Every 400 or 500 meters you encounter a warning:

Not to worry though – there are plenty of shark spotting towers. Unfortunately none of them were manned....

Which is unfortunate for this poor dude.... (please note by the credit in the lower left that this photo is not mine but you have to admit that it really fits the story line....)

This is just a brief teaser – there will be many more reports from Recife over the next few years. And, as always, friends and family are encouraged to come and visit us and see for themselves.