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Swans on the Lagoa

Finally, after almost two years living on the lagoa in Rio, we decided to venture out for the water sports. Now by water sports I don’t necessarily mean rowing, sailing or water skiing – all of which are big deals on the lake. Rather, I mean renting one of the pedalinhos (little pedal boats) and pedaling around the lake!

I have shared this picture before of all the nice swan boats tied up to the dock.

Sadly, that rental company went out of business after one of their boats sank and the ensuing investigation determined that the company had not kept its licenses current and were operating illegally. Oops…..

Not to worry though, a competitor – and now sole operator – continues to provide this essential service. The fleet and dock are a bit more humble but far more colorful.

Our selection for a day – or rather an hour – on the lake was the classy pink swan. Tacky yes, but we really had a lovely ride. It is hard work since the pedals are designed for the over 6 foot crowd, hence I couldn’t help and had to just sit back and enjoy. Also, the steering is a bit slow and the rudder not very responsive. But the views from the lake were great.

Clouds drifted in and out during our venture and the Cristo statue drifted in and out of view. What a privilege to be able to see this every day!

This one is a shot of our apartment building from a vantage point that we do not normally have.

And we were not alone on the lake – other colorful pedalinhos were out as well including the black pirate swan model.

But all good things come to an end and the end of our adventure brought us right back into traffic at the dock. But heck, this is Rio and traffic is a given where ever we go!


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