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Guests in Lima

Since our brief visit by Barry and Jody Zigas we have been pretty much alone - except of course for the 8 million limenos and the wonderful embassy community with which we have become connected. We had a bit of excitement though over the last week with a one week visit from my sister Sharon and a brief visit from another Mercy Housing board member - Larry Dale and his wife Marilyn. It is so refreshing to get reactions from visitors as we are becoming settled in and quite accustomed to that which might seem new and different to visitors.
Sharon arrived – as do most U.S. visitors to Lima – in the very dark of night around midnight just after our return from Arequipa and Colca Canyon. During her visit we took long walks along the Malecon (the board walk overlooking the sea) and wandered through Miraflores discovering restaurants, shops and artisan markets.

I’ll let the pictures tell the tale of some of our adventures.

All visits to Miraflores include a trip to Parque de Amor (Love Park) and Sharon's was no exception. For those of you who have been to Barcelona, you may notice the inspiration of Gaudi's architecture.

The kitty cats are also a constant for visitors and were willing to share our attention with a visitor.

Of course, dining is a major activity here as well and we made sure to partake...

Sharon was able, as only a big sister can, to get our house in order and help finalize the unpacking process. This now feels like home and she was a big part of that. Hence the smiling faces on the happy Lima lovebirds....

You're all welcome to join us for a visit and an opportunity to share in our new life. We are thoroughly enjoying it (mostly.... stay tuned for the adventures after the arrival of our car!)

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