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Thanksgiving in Lima

Well the holidays are upon us and we are enjoying them fully with good friends and good food -as is the good old American (north American of course) tradition. Thanksgiving is obviously not a holiday in Peru, except among the U.S. expat community. We all had the day off (yes, in theory all of my -Kathleen's- days are "days off" but we'll get to that later) while traffic and hubbub continued throughout Lima. We were fortunate to receive an invitation from our good friend Syllie and shared a traditional Thanksgiving of turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, pecan pie, and on and on.

Here is Syllie showing off the fine Chilean wine (we have not yet found the finest of Peru's offerings but are on the hunt!). Note that the individual who ended up doing the turkey carving was not one of the many husky American men but rather the Thai empleada of one of the invited guests. So maybe it wasn't entirely traditional...

More pics of the distinguished crowd are hidden behind this link.

The traditional Thanksgiving table, loaded with good eats and good friends:

The advisory team in the kitchen - again, note who is doing the carving!

And Richard as "kitty sitter" for Syllie's kids:

Other variations from our Thanksgiving traditions included the view from the window of Syllie's gloriously placed apartment. Parasailing along the cliffs in Miraflores is a popular sport and the "take off" location is right across the street. So rather than watch football or snowflakes, we had this view of the intrepid adventurers setting up parasails and taking off.

As to the obvious question, no we have not and are not planning to take up parasailing but welcome all visitors who have an interest. A license is required to do so on one's own, otherwise you would be going up with a trained guide. We welcome you all to give it a try and let us know how it was!

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