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A Weekend at the Beach

I still have Denver weather as my Yahoo default and see that it is still cold and snowy in the northern hemisphere. Not so down here - summer has arrived and the temperature is definitely up. To celebrate summer and our third wedding anniversary, we headed north to one of Peru's beach vacation resorts, Mancora.

The trip was relatively uneventful except for the standard Lima travel complaint. Flight times are not convenient - our flight north left at 4:15 a.m. so we had minimal sleep and a pretty groggy first day. The upside is that traffic is pretty limited at 2:30 a.m. so we got to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Were this the U.S. that would be bad news as all services would be closed for the night. Not here. Ours was clearly not the only flight leaving at this god-awful hour and we had shopping, restaurant and bar options available to us to fill our time, our stomachs and to keep us awake.

By later in the morning we were settled in and sacked out at the Casa de Playa resort just south of town on the old Panamerican highway.

Since this was truly just a relaxing beach vacation we did not visit historical or artistic sights - a rarity in Peru travel - but we did enjoy a few trips into the very humble town of Mancora via moto-taxi, a functional open air way to get about by the beach.

I think the pictures speak for themselves so I will share them with you with minimal commentary.

All trips into town included a stop at the public beach

where we did plenty of people watching, including the surfers who were enjoying the wave action. One cannot fully appreciate the beach action of course without a visit to the beer tents....

The economic engine of Mancora is its fishing fleet. Hence the seafood was fresh and quite excellent.

Mancora is north of the infamous Humbolt current which keeps Lima foggy and the ocean near Lima quite cold. With warmer temps we both wandered into the waves - but not too far. There really was pretty serious wave action here!

Sadly we saw the following on the beach as we were out and about. A sea lion had apparently died near to shore and was washing up on the beach as we were passing by. Not sure what ultimately happened in the way of disposal - hopefully the tide carried it to a better final resting place.

And of course the only way to mourn the passing of one of nature's creatures is to rack out in the hammock on our room's balcony....

All that activity mandated another walk on the beach by the intrepid travellers....

More observations of truly perfect sunsets.....

And a lovely dinner to end the action packed day!


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