losmorris (losmorris) wrote,

Anticipated Nostalgia

We have now been here for almost one year and are pretty much settled into our new home, city and community. It now feels like home and we know that it will be hard to leave when the time comes. Richard and I had a conversation recently about the things we would miss when that time comes and the things we will not miss and I decided to use the blog to start capturing them. I will update this entry periodically and try to keep it interesting - these are the features of our daily life that I may or may not have shared as yet but that may give you a bit more flavor of our life across the equator.

Things we will miss:

1. Delia - our wonderful empleada (our maid)
2. Cebiche
3. Pisco Sours
4. Newspaper delivery by elevator
5. The view of the Pacific Ocean - indirectly from the balcony, directly right around the corner
6. The view from the ladies room at Pardo restaurant (wild but true!)
7. Back stairs down to Ana's apartment
8. Sunsets - rare but special
9. Larcomar shopping center
10. The Larcomar game arcade
11. Cats being able to enjoy the sun on the balcony - when there is sun on the balcony
12. The Miraflores embassy community
13. The good friends we have made
14. Fresh squeezed juice at the grocery store
15. The bagel lady

Things we will not miss:

1. The traffic and total disregard for traffic rules
2. Car alarms
3. Useless napkins
4. Cusquena beer - or rather all Peruvian beer
5. The view of the "ditch"
6. Potholes in the roads - everywhere!
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