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Kathleen goes to work

No pics in this one - just a brief update on life in Lima. As you might gather from the header line I (Kathleen) have now become gainfully employed across the equator. After having done some paying project work for the commissary and a brief stint as a logistics tech (aka receptionist/secretary) for visiting delegates I had the good fortune to be offered a job in the Regional Financial Management Office (RFMO) of USAID.

When I say I was "offered" a job of course I mean that I went through an excruciatingly long and paper filled process complete with duplicate forms, lost documents and a delayed start date. But in the end I am quite satisfied. I am now the Authorized Certifying Officer (ACO - everything here is an alphabet soup mix of acronyms) charged with reviewing a certifying payments made by USAID in Peru and some neighboring countries.

The job is part time - 3 days a week - so I still have time for my embassy wife duties, my volunteer activities, walks on the Malecon and such. USAID is exactly where I would have wanted to land if I had thought seriously about working in our new vagabond life. You can go check them out at www.usaid.gov/locations/latin_america_caribbean/.

AID is the agency in the foreign service that distributes U.S. government funds for a number of very worthwhile initiatives to help mostly developing countries in the areas of education, health, economic and small business development, democracy development and alternative development opportunities for countries plagued with narco-traffic issues. So I look forward to the opportunity to learn more about what the agency does and to find a fit to make the job continually more interesting and challenging. Stay tuned...

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