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The Adventure Begins

After a long wait, we have finally arrived in Lima and are beginning to acclimate. We arrived in the very early morning hours on Friday, Sept 28th after a delayed flight - the pilot apparently forgot his passport and they had to locate a replacement pilot. Kind of an interesting note given Richard's recent Passport Task Force work. Nonetheless, Richard was up early and off to his new workplace on Friday. Kathleen had the good luck of being escorted around the embassy by some of the wonderful people we have met here in Peru. Our first weekend was spent in a blur of social activities and a brief city tour that introduced us to a bit of the older colonial center of town.

After two weeks we are still living in temporary housing in a hotel in the Miraflores district of Lima. This is the same neighborhood in which our apartment is located so it has given us a good opportunity to discover the area with the added luxury of having hotel staff to assist us in finding shops, veterinarians, and restaurants.

Among the highlights of our very first weekend was our very first guest. Barry and Jodie Zigas happened to be here in Lima after a fun filled (and altitude challenging) trip to the Inka Trail and Machu Picchu. They kindly joined us for lunch and Pisco Sours at Pescados Capitales, a local restaurant that Barry found through the Washington Post references - who knew?

The cats arrived a week ago and have settled in - unaware that there is yet another move in store for them. The hotel staff is quite excited to have feline guests so we have been prompting Max and Lucy to behave well and be good U.S. emissaries. Early impressions - this is not the best time of the year weather-wise. It is grey and overcast on the coast everyday and fairly chilly. We have had to pull out our sweaters and coats for travels about. However, when we go inland we can find the sun and higher temperatures. The weather will improve later in the spring (remember, we are on the other side of the equator so seasons are reversed) with the sun making a long term commitment beginning in late November and staying through April or May. We and the cats are very much looking forward to that! Traffic here is quite an adventure and will be an interesting challenge to tackle when the car arrives sometime in November. Lane distinctions on the roads are, at best, suggestions that are meant to be ignored - much worse than in Mexico! A two lane road is as likely to convert to 3 or 4 with the smallest bit of traffic. Cars will turn right from the left lane or left from the right lane so paying attention is really important if you are the driver, and not looking at traffic is really important if you are a passenger! Vehicles move at a reasonably slow speed however and yield readily to the bigger or more aggressive competition - so the system seems to work. We do venture down to the cliff over the beach relatively frequently and are looking forward to being right there once we move into our apartment. That will happen next week after which a whole new series on adventures will await us.
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