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America the Beautiful

After living abroad in Lima for almost 9 months I made my first trip back to Denver to visit family and friends, relax and do some shopping. I apologize to all who I was not able to visit – it was a relatively short visit – but - Richard and I will both be back in December for the holidays.
My impressions on coming back were quite striking. What a beautiful, clean, quiet country we have in the U.S. I noticed the relative peace and quiet as a contrast with our new home in Lima. Drivers here use their horns as a means of constant communication and I had not realized that I was now thoroughly used to it. I noticed the absence of horns while at the Denver airport and the impression of peace and quiet stayed with me through the visit. I was also struck by how good Denver smelled! Granted it is early summer and everything is in bloom but it was delightful. Lima is a desert city – all that grows here does so because man has cultivated and watered it. Left to its own care Lima would be quite unattractive and uninhabitable.
Our house is being well tended by the renters who are living there and Denver appears to be thriving in anticipation of the Democratic convention in August. We both miss you all and ask that you pause for a moment and appreciate what the U.S. has to offer. While we are enjoying our adventure and are clearly not “roughing it” here in Lima we never appreciated the good old U.S.A. as much as it deserves to be appreciated. Happy Independence Day to all!!

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