losmorris (losmorris) wrote,

Next Stop - Rio de Janiero

The bidding process for our next post is complete and the selection has been made. In April 2010 LosMorris will be heading to sunny Rio for our next two year tour. Between now and then we still have another year in Peru and will follow that with Portuguese language training in Virginia.

We are delighted but a little sad as well. When you find yourself faced with a list of posts all over the world your imagination is opened up. We were kind of hoping for Dakar, Senegal and the opportunity to live on another continent. But hey, we loved Rio on our honeymoon and now have the opportunity to enjoy it in full during a two year tour. So for those of you who have not been able to visit us in Miraflores you still have another opportunity for a South America adventure!

Come see the beaches of Rio:

Rock with the locals on the beach:

Enjoy romance and beach life with your sweetheart on Rio's "boardwalk":

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