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Noche de Arte

In addition to working and traveling throughout the country I have been busy serving on the board of Peruvian non-profit that is affiliated with the embassy. I am the treasurer of USEA (United States Embassy Association) and have had the privilege of being involved with a fantastic fund raiser / art show. The organization raises money through the Noche de Arte event and donates the funds from net profits to various charitable organizations in and around Lima. For those of you who have followed this blog from the beginning, you may recall that one of my early adventures in Peru was participating in the process of evaluating local charities. I have now come full circle and am actively involved in the organization that helps those organizations.

This year's event was a challenge in that we were not able to hold the event in its prior venue - the national museum. After months of scouting we ended up at the Puericultorio - a mouthful and fabulous old complex of buildings on the grounds of an immense orphanage housing approximately 500 children.

The Puericultorio

After much work, repairing floors, painting walls and installing electricity via cables to our generators, the galleries came alive and from October 2-5 we held a wonderful (and financially successful) art sale and show.

The art was not only in the galleries but also in the center courtyard through the use of lighting, music and projection onto an enormous fabric cube that had been constructed in the courtyard:

And, of course, this gave us the opportunity to get dressed up and join with friends for several fun evenings. Here we are with Ana Maria and Brian - our neighbors and friends:

And art purchases were part of the fun - here is one of the several (7 actually) pieces that have been added to our "collection".

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